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07.01.2012 13:20
#1 Scrabble3D Advent Calendar 2011 Zitat · Antworten

Scrabble3D Advent Calendar 2011

As Christmas holidays 2011-12 now definitively are finished,

you can find the links to Bussinchen's

Scrabble3D Advent Calendar 2011

only here starting from now.

Click wherever you want on the picture of the calendar, and you will go on to the first page!

Scrabble3D Advent Calendar 2011

Scrabble3D Advent Calendar 2011

Summary and direct links to each day (1st - 24th December 2011)

The Advent Calender with its 24 clickable small "windows"

1st December: Download bitmaps for Christmas decoration of bonus squares in Scrabble3D

2nd December: Drive home and play Scrabble3D --> Music video Chris Rea: "Driving home for Christmas"

3rd December: Video: Giant Scrabble

4th December: Video: Cerebral Stimulation and Challenge - Superscrabble!

5th December: Video: Old Style Scrabble (Intense Scrabble Game - 1920' style)

6th December: Nikolaustag --> Video: Loriot - Advent (macabre German Christmas poem, subtitled in English)

7th December: Video: 27-fold French bingo: HYPOTHEQUERIONS - 1130 points

8th December: Video: Scrabble tiles for the bathroom

9th December: Recipe for sweeties: Scrabble3D Crispies

10th December: Scrabble jewellery and decoration for human beings and small Christmas trees --> Pictures and links to the flickr photo album of the Italian Scrabble Federation FIGS

11th December: Video: Death by Scrabble (macabre short story by Charles Fish)

12th December: Distorted screenshots of Scrabble3D and video: Geek Scrabble

13th December: Santa Lucia --> Video: Lucia concert from the Kungsholms Church in Stockholm, Schweden

14th December: Video: Building in Scrabblemania (L'immeuble délire)

15th December: Scrabble3D loves the 2D view in 3D --> Video: Holograms of Scrabble tiles

16th December: Google Maps: Twice Scrabble in Westvirginia and Virginia, USA

17th December: Video: Scrabble Nail Art

18th December: Step-by-step instructions for making a giant outdoor Scrabble and video: Extreme Scrabble

19th December: Surreal Scrabble3D nativity scene and video: Digital Nativity

20th December: Video: Vintage Scrabble - Made in China?

21th December: Scrabble3D, a well-rounded piece of work (distorted screenshot of Scrabble3D), and video: CRAZIEST (Short story by Liz Dubelman)

22th December: Two videos in German and French: Scene from Loriot's film "Ödipussi" and "Le WQT".
As you can see in the videos, it isn't possible to play strong Scrabble games without an excellent dictionary: Announcement of the update of Gero's German deutsch.dic.

23th December: Video: Scrabble With Grandma

24th December: Scrabble3D is international: United Colors of the Scrabble3D Server
Several videos of Santa Claus' homeland in Rovaniemi, Finland.
Santa Claus himself has logged in to the Scrabble3D server, is playing there with Scrabble3D and wishes us all a Merry Christmas in many different languages!

Have fun! Yours sincerely, Bussinchen!

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