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 Questions about the program
deneric ( Gast )

28.01.2013 17:00
English dictionary Zitat · Antworten

The English dictionary seems to be taking a long time to download and seems to be stuck at about third of download.
Is this normal?

Scotty Offline


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28.01.2013 19:16
#2 RE: English dictionary Zitat · Antworten

Files are stored at Sometimes download may take a while depending on your location. But in general is a reliable provider.

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Raman Offline

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11.07.2020 15:26
#3 RE: English dictionary Zitat · Antworten

I have also seen progress bar stuck at one third in my system, but that is with localization and not with download of English dictionary. May be that localization will download both of dictionary for that particular language and list of all of strings of words that are used in Scrabble3D application words whenever that Scrabble3D application is newly installed or when that assistant is invoked in configuration from menu bar.
When that Scrabble3D application is newly installed or when that assistant is invoked in configuration from menu bar, then localization will ask for 3 languages to download. Localization is the language in which Scrabble3D application words are to be displayed and that it is independent of download of dictionary.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that after 7 languages are downloaded for localization, then the option to download more languages of the 16 different languages that are available from over there disappears in the configuration, as the list of languages for localization gets populated only with downloaded languages and the list of languages that are not downloaded get disappeared from that list.
Anyway that, in my system I managed to download all 16 .lang files by moving already downloaded .lang files to a different folder before downloading a .lang file from that list that had not been downloaded before.

It is not worthy of me to reply to an old thread, of which thread starter is a guest user who may not be online in this forum for several years put together. Although my reply might not reach him (if the thread starter has not subscribed to this thread and I seriously doubt whether a guest user can also do so with that), anyway that I am responding for the various users who might refer to my posts in this thread in the future.

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