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letter tiles go blank
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07.09.2018 09:30
Letter tiles go blank on Win10/64bit Zitat · Antworten

EM wrote per direct message:

EM: "I have installed the program several times over the years; it is now on a laptop with Windows 10 64 bit; it was working perfectly with my custom 21 x board and 20 letters; then suddenly it stopped holding the letters - they just flash and disappear. Please help! Please email me. I am having a hard time using this site (too old to learn new tricks)"

(dont have my reply at hand but likely suggested to delete the user config)

EM: "Thanks for the wonderfully detailed information - It seemed so logical, I was confident it would work. It didn't. I've deleted, uninstalled, reinstalled, ad nauseam. I also tried to reset my laptop to an earlier point in time - that also failed. I cannot figure out how to post to the message board. Would you be able to post my situation for me? Perhaps someone else is using Windows 10 64 bit and perhaps had the same strange problem. And/Or, if it is a problem with the installer, is there a way to get the needed files and manually install the program? I used this game to keep my aging mind active (and calm). It is really, really important to me. I'm open to any suggestions from any source. I really did like your suggestion, though - it really should have worked, I think."

No idea how to solve the problem. There are 32 and 64 bit variants for Windows, maybe one works.

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08.09.2018 17:22
#2 RE: Letter tiles go blank on Win10/64bit Zitat · Antworten

I actually reset my laptop to factory default restore and still, same problem. If anyone has a Windows 10, 64 bit laptop with a working Scrabble 3d config file, I'd be most grateful if you would send it to me. (It would be great if it was for 21 x 21 board playing 20 letters!)

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08.09.2018 18:55
#3 RE: Letter tiles go blank on Win10/64bit Zitat · Antworten

Zitat von EM im Beitrag #2
I actually reset my laptop to factory default restore and still, same problem.

May there be a problem with your hardware - with your video card for example?

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08.09.2018 19:26
#4 RE: Letter tiles go blank on Win10/64bit Zitat · Antworten

In order to check up if there is a problem with Scrabble3D or maybe with your hardware, I propose you to download an old Scrabble3D version from December 2012.
You find it inside the attached zip-file:

Unzip that zip-file. There you find the Windows installer for installing Scrabble3D version 3.1.0 Patch 29, but also the software file Scrabble3D.exe (3.1.0 Patch 29).

Don't use the installer first, but create a new folder on your laptop; you could call it Scrabble3D - 3.1.0 Patch 29.

Save both files in the zip folder in that new folder.

Open the old version of Scrabble3D (3.1.0 Patch 29, Windows, 64bit) from that folder by double clicking on the file Scrabble3D.exe.

Now you will have to download the dictionary file and configure your Scrabble3D for the kind of games you want to play. The download of the dic file(s) will work automatically. The new dic- and config-files will be created automatically by Scrabble3D and will be saved automatically in your new folder Scrabble3D - 3.1.0 Patch 29 from where you started the old Scrabble3D.

When you have finished that, start a new game and look what happens with your letter tiles.

I myself am using Windows 7 and the old version Scrabble3D 3.1.0 Patch 29 (64bit). So unfortunately I cannot say anything about Windows 10, but on my computer with Windows 7 Scrabble3D 3.1.0 Patch 29 is working well.

EM ( Gast )

09.09.2018 16:47
#5 RE: Letter tiles go blank on Win10/64bit Zitat · Antworten

You have given me a reason to celebrate! Thank you! You have no idea how happy you have made me! So far, this is working ... and I have disabled updates. Truly, this "game" is pretty vital to my cognitive function and my sanity. Please congratulate yourself for a good deed - well done!

Bussinchen Offline

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10.09.2018 00:16
#6 RE: Letter tiles go blank on Win10/64bit Zitat · Antworten

Dear EM,

I'm very glad to hear that the old version Scrabble3D 3.1.0 Patch 29 works well on your Windows 10 laptop!
Ok, in that old version you don't have all the later 3D features regarding the design, but I think that is not the most important thing for you just now, because it's much more important to be able to play games, which of course is not possible if tiles always turn to blank.

Ok, this maybe is not the best solution. It would have been better to find out why the tiles go to blank on your laptop. But there unfortunately I cannot help you.
But if you are pleased and satisfied when using the old version without updating it to newer versions, why not! That's fine! So do I, because for me too, this version works without problems.

Enjoy your games and continue training your brain!

EM Offline

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11.09.2018 00:56
#7 RE: Letter tiles go blank on Win10/64bit Zitat · Antworten

This is working perfectly and I have it all back to the way it was - I'm so happy! I've been playing pretty much non-stop, to make up for lost time. I am perfectly happy with this solution and this version (-: BIG THANKS AGAIN!

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