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  • Game Server Disappeared!Datum06.03.2018 20:06
    Foren-Beitrag von Donald im Thema Game Server Disappeared!

    Update: Panic Over!

    Since further reinstallation on my PC (for other reasons!) the problem seems now to have disappeared -- as mysteriously as it first appeared.

    So, no idea what is going on but fingers crossed it lasts!

  • Game Server Disappeared!Datum04.03.2018 04:04
    Thema von Donald im Forum Questions about the pr...

    Hi, Since replacing my solid-state drive (previous one failed) I find I can no longer get access to network games on my Windows 10 installation. Everything on my PC has been installed the same and yet the Scrabble3D connection has gone (I still have full internet access and everything else still seems to work).

    I've tried many things: reinstalling Scrabble3D (the 64-bit version shows the game server but "no internet connection" but I prefer the 32-bit version) several times, reverting to a bare Win10 installation (nothing else installed), closing down firewall and anti-virus completely but nothing works! Except it's still okay on my old Windows 7 PC so I know it's not a server issue.

    I REALLY don't like my old PC now (it crashed several times and moving it on to my desk is not good as it weighs a ton!) so any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Sending Messages with Windows 8Datum02.08.2015 15:36
    Foren-Beitrag von Donald im Thema Sending Messages with Windows 8

    Thanks for your reply, Scotty. I've tried changing fonts, but I don't seem able to do so for the windows affected. (I've noticed other windows, e.g. Network log on window, where text does not display properly.) I think I'll go back to the old version in the meantime.

  • Sending Messages with Windows 8Datum01.08.2015 21:11
    Thema von Donald im Forum Bugreports & Suggestions


    Having just updated my Mum's Windows 8 laptop with version 3.1.3-1_Win64, when sending messages the message window (to type in) is partially obscured (not enough height) so that letters do not appear properly (e.g. lower case "j" will look like lower case "i").

    I've tried dragging other windows to try to correct it but no luck. Any suggestions?

    P.S. The list of names to the left of the typing window is also affected: names are crushed together and only appear when pointed at with the mouse.

    Thanks in anticipation!

  • Computer accepts any words.Datum15.08.2013 18:11
    Foren-Beitrag von Donald im Thema Computer accepts any words.

    Thanks very much, Bussinchen. That explains everything and I now have it working properly.

    (I was sure I'd tried that! )

  • Computer accepts any words.Datum12.08.2013 18:38
    Thema von Donald im Forum Questions about the pr...


    I'm new to this game, and have been enjoying a few games against the computer and my Mum over the network.

    However, I've now discovered there's no such thing as a "risky" word (at least with my setup) as ANY combination from my rack seems to be accepted when playing against the computer. (So I can get the 7-letter 50 bonus every turn.)

    That's not much of a challenge! Am I missing something?? (My Mum has the same experience on her new laptop.)

    Thanks, Donald

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