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08.09.2011 01:05
Romanian test games Zitat · Antworten

I have made some demo test games with the Romanian letter set and with the loaded LOC5 which I had downloaded from here:

See the screenshot!

No errors occured and everything worked fine.
Dear playez, maybe you can give us some comments about my Romanian Scrabble test game.
Please tell us if the words you see are correct Romanian words... Anyway, they should be correct, if LOC 5 is impeccable!

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playez Offline

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08.09.2011 07:34
#2 RE: Romanian test games Zitat · Antworten

LOC5 is almost impecable. 99.999%. In the last revision, from LOC4 to LOC5 was corrected 47 errors from 610.000 words. Is used in official competitions in Romania and any error will be found. Is the only trusted source for a romanian scrabble game and is based only on academic dictionary.
The demo looks good. I already played 6 games with Computer and dictionary is read well by the program.

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04.05.2015 20:06
#3 RE: Romanian test games Zitat · Antworten

The Romanian words are good. You can trust LOC5. Congratulations for the game (and all the work involved)!

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04.05.2015 20:13
#4 RE: Romanian test games Zitat · Antworten

Thank you. So there is only the UI localization missing for Romanian... :-)

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