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 Discussions in English about Latin Scrabble
Scotty Offline


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22.01.2014 21:14
History Education Zitat · Antworten

Zitat von Email
My name is Gwyneth.... I run a new site dedicated to History Education and resources. You can visit my site
I am hoping to spread the word about my site and let all those interested have full access. Do you mind taking a look at the page
and if allowable posting a link on your resources page of t1804f354-Undecimum-Aenigma-Scrabularum-Latinum-Centum-sunt-causae.html?
Being an active promoter of History and Education is my passion. Hopefully my site can help others within the field, as well as those
looking to break into History and Education share that passion and learn more about it.
Thank you very much and please let me know if there is anything I can do to have my page be an addition on yours.

Hi Gwyneth,

I'm always glad to see side-effects of my program in scientific area. Actually, the linked page is part of the forum concerning this program. And in particular all discussions about Latin are done with much love for details by some users who additionally create a lectured dictionary of Ancient Latin. Once it is finished you can play 'ancient' Scrabble!
All is open source. So please feel free to share our work. And at best, join us :-)


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linhart Offline

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23.01.2014 11:15
#2 RE: History Education Zitat · Antworten

Hi Gwineth,

I am one of the users Heiko mentions and therefore particularly glad to see your interest in Latin enigmata.

Hans Linhart.

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