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Emre ( Gast )

24.02.2014 21:45
Turkish Scarabble Zitat · Antworten

I prepared a Turkish dictionary with 47.251 words (without meanings).
Also adjusted Scrabble3D.ini for Turkish Letters Count and Value.
Working on tr.lang.
If anybody needs, they can download it from here:

Thank you for this perfect Scrabble3D project!

Scotty Offline


Beiträge: 3.777

24.02.2014 23:09
#2 RE: Turkish Scarabble Zitat · Antworten

Awesome, thanks a lot for your contribution! Just today I published the next release with several changes. So your letter set will get implemented not until the next release. But I can add it to the dictionary to make sure that the right distribution is set, regardless the dropdown menu at the config. Some questions about the header:

How should we call then standard category? Left blank it would be "unknown" which has potential to improve.
Under what license do you want to publish the dictionary? GNU General Public License, v3?
Do you have any comment to add at the header?
Should I encrypt the content?

About the localization: Apart from the fact that the legacy style with ini files still works I switched to portable objects (po) and Transifex. I tried to convert your tr.lang into this format, and added it as new localization to Transifex [1]. There might be issues with the conversion, but a lot of strings have changed recently too. So I'm sorry: Please go through your localization, again. And double check it with the "English (United Kingdom)" which is more verbose than the fix implemented strings.

Many thanks again in the name of all Turkish people.


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