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 Bugreports & Suggestions
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14.03.2014 03:13
2 Problems about Jokers Zitat · Antworten


1- I think there is a bug in loading a game after using a Joker. I tried several times and same thing happened. I start playing against the computer, I use a Joker and if I save the game later and load it afterwards, it seems to load without a problem but the application stops responding after a while before the comp. plays it's move.

Sometimes when I close the game from Task Manager I can’t re-open it if I don’t clean all the user files in %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Scrabble3D folder.

2- Second problem is this: Computer plays fast and good untill it has 2 Jokers. (Ok. Not a frequent event but sometimes it happens) I have to wait so long that at the end I quit the game and start over.

I know that when comp. has 2 jokers at the same time there are so many possibilities it has to calculate.

I was thinking maybe if an option could be added for the user to limit the letters that comp. has to search when it has a Joker. So it would be up to the user to decide which letters the comp. can play with jokers and the number of possibilities would decrease dramatically.


Windows 8.1 Pro (x64)
Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz Cpu
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14.03.2014 17:42
#2 RE: 2 Problems about Jokers Zitat · Antworten

I cannot confirm the bug with jokers. At least on Linux I can save and load all games whether or not it contains of jokers. But I'll double check it on Windows later. The second issue (or rather 1b) about crash when you close the program shows it during loading (progress bar at lower left area). This process runs in background in a separate thread. Perhaps you closed the program too fast. On the other hand nothing should compromise the config stuff. So it is a problem.
About jokers I could add an option that limits the calculation time. That would be more straightforward. But if you want to compute a move for yourself, for instance in case of a post-hoc calculation, you may want to get all results. Right now you can interrupt the single move processing - just click the 'wheelchair' (aka best move at the toolbar) again.

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15.03.2014 04:29
#3 RE: 2 Problems about Jokers Zitat · Antworten

Thanks for the answer.
As you said that Saving & Loading problem might happen only on Windows machines.

Interrupting the Comp. move is not easy, sometimes it stops responding for a while. I now tried Single-Threaded processing option instead of Multi-Threaded, it's calculation time takes longer ofcourse but responds immediately. I can interrupt without a problem.

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