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PaulQ ( Gast )

24.01.2018 00:44
Program Not Loading properly Zitat · Antworten

I'm running Win 10 x 64 (fully up-to-date) 8Gb Ram, i5 processor, Bitdefender A/V. I have had Scrabble 3d on the computer for a few years but today the dictionary refused to load. The window opened but nothing could be typed into it. (See a similar problem in a 2014 post.)

After trying various configurations and downloading the English dictionary it produced the same error. I uninstalled the whole program and downloaded the Win x64 installer. This installed the 64-bit program into the "Program Files(x86)" folder (This is usually for 32-bit programs only.)

This did not cure or change anything - the dictionary refused to load. The window opened but nothing could be typed into it.

I uninstalled this and downloaded and installed the 32-bit version. This went into the correct "Program Files(x86)". The dictionary window opened and was accessible... but the board had faults
1. There are no double/triple word/letter scores - it is plain Green.
2. The index marks on the edge of the board sometimes OK, sometimes show "z=0" or occasionally default to the Greek alphabet.
3. Attempts to download the dictionary in the Configuration stopped at about 25%.

Any help would be appreciated -

Scotty Offline


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24.01.2018 10:57
#2 RE: Program Not Loading properly Zitat · Antworten

Some random tips: When you uninstall the program you should manually delete the user configuration ( "All user data are located..."). In case of display issues try to switch between OpenGL and Standard View ( And finally when the dictionary doesnt download properly the only chance is to try again. All files are located on Sourceforge and there might be hickups of course. You can also manually download and extract in the mentioned user directory. And last but not least, the most important aspect on your hard/software is the graphic driver. Make sure everything works well and is up-to-date.

Hope that helps.

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