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 Questions about the program
Lhopp ( Gast )

28.05.2021 13:54
Game sever disconnects Zitat · Antworten

After having played for a year w/o problems, my friend cannot join the game: as soon as he clicks on the join tab (globe), he is announced as having joined, but before his name appears on the list of players, his connection to the game server is automatically disconnected (the message about the game server disconnection takes about 1 min, but as I said, his name never shows up on the list). We reinstalled the game from scratch and even tried using a new name and password, but the same thing happens.
Can you please advice - Thanks!

Scotty Offline


Beiträge: 3.777

29.05.2021 10:03
#2 RE: Game sever disconnects Zitat · Antworten

Uninstalling does not mean to remove the configuration files. You have to delete it manually. But I doubt this issue is caused by a configuration. It sounds rather like something from the operating system/network blocks the communication. But I have no idea what this might be. Virus protection software, firewall?

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lhopp ( Gast )

29.05.2021 11:11
#3 RE: Game sever disconnects Zitat · Antworten

Many thanks!
I did manually uninstalled the configuration information and indeed it did not solve the problem. The virus protection was also inactivated although I did not touch the firewall. I keep trying, but thanks again for your auick response!

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