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 Questions about the program
Anastasia ( Gast )

18.06.2022 01:08
There are no dictionary Zitat · Antworten

I installed scrabble 3d in Ubuntu 20.04. Unfortunately, I can't download any dictionaries. I open configuration→settings→dictionary and see an empty window. I press the load button and nothing happens. What should I do? How can I install dictionaries?

Scotty Offline


Beiträge: 3.780

18.06.2022 09:33
#2 RE: There are no dictionary Zitat · Antworten

Dictionaries are located at and since somehow blocks the download you need to do it manually. Download and extract to the user directory, which is conveniently accessible via the options, see

Version 4 available at does not have this problem but is in an early state and good for local games against the computer only.

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