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 Questions about the program
Tony ( Gast )

01.01.2010 23:52
Setting up a network game Zitat · Antworten

Firstly, great program and well implemented.
I am using Vista SP2 and so far so good.
I have one question with the network play. I have this program installed on 2 vista laptops. I set up my laptop as the server and connect to client (laptop2) using dhcp. It connects ok but when the games starts the same tiles appear on both laptops? Also, the tiles don't seem that random, every time I start a new network game the tiles ORTNUMT always appear?
I like your program - I would be willing to offer testing.

Scotty Offline


Beiträge: 3.777

02.01.2010 00:20
#2 RE: Setting up a network game Zitat · Antworten

Hi Tony! This is a known bug. I didn't know a good solution for a problem and made some ugly coding. You can do repeated "New Game" calls between the games. At any time you will have the dialogue like in local games for a new game with grayed fields. Then all runs fine.

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