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 Questions about the program
Eenymeeny Offline

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16.11.2010 00:32
Challenging a dictionary word Zitat · Antworten


It's me again :=)

Getting on well now, superb implementation of the game!

But I would like to query the computer on occasion. It plays some words not in my dictionary (Chambers) and this is obviously a bit unfair :=)

Is there any way to force it to make another play?



Scotty Offline


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16.11.2010 06:53
#2 RE: Challenging a dictionary word Zitat · Antworten

The computer places only words that are in it's dictionary. This dictionary is the official word, list but a simple ASCII file and easily to edit either by external programs or with internal functions. There is a category to choose whether or not english style (SOWPODS) should be used additionaly to the common list (TWL).
The english Scrabble3D dictionary: english.dic

BTW: What's wrong with CHAMBERS?

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Eenymeeny Offline

Beiträge: 8

16.11.2010 07:43
#3 RE: Challenging a dictionary word Zitat · Antworten

Hi Scotty,

Ah, thanks for the info.

Maybe I'll deactivate SOWPODS then. I actually prefer a more restrictive wordlist for Scrabble, especially when playing against a computer player.

When I said Chambers, I mean the Chambers dictionary, not the Scrabble wordlist.

Words such as "dui" for example, are in SOWPODS (or the tournament list) but the Chambers dictionary – correctly – does not list this, and lists "duos" instead (the correct plural).

I guess I'll go about making my own wordlist. I love the Chambers dictionary but am finding the PC uses far too many words not in it!



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