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 General: Internationalization and Localization of Scrabble3D (I18n / L10n)
jmontane Offline

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08.12.2012 13:07
Scrabble3D dictionaries Zitat · Antworten


Scrabble3D is, by far, the scrabble clone game with more languages supported I know.

I wonder if word lists can be used in other Scrabble clone games. Are the Scrabble3D dictionaries open-licensed? which can be re-used in other open-source projects?

For instance, I collaborate with Catalan dictionary and translating menus in Eliot, it supports Catalan, Czech, English, French, Italian, Malagasy, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Spanish, but lacks Latin, Greek, Slovak and other languages support, available at Scrabble3D

Bussinchen Offline

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08.12.2012 14:02
#2 RE: Scrabble3D dictionaries Zitat · Antworten

Latin is not officially available yet (= December 2012), but it will be next year (= 2013).

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jmontane Offline

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08.12.2012 14:20
#3 RE: Scrabble3D dictionaries Zitat · Antworten

Ok, latin is waiting for approval, ;)

What languages supported by Scrabble3D availabe here are open-licensed or can be included on other opens source games?

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