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03.12.2012 02:32
Agglutination and validity of inflected and agglutinated forms in suomi.dic Zitat · Antworten

In this thread we can discuss inflected/agglutinated Finnish forms.

Zitat von xyz im Beitrag RE: The Finnish dictionary and our suomi.dic
You are right about the duplicates! In the original list homonyms may have several entries. That explains why there are fewer words in the Scrabble3D entries number. The original Kotus list contains inflection information which might be used some day, for example to categorize the words (verbs/nouns etc), and homonyms may have different inflections. Program seems to be able to pass the duplicates, so is it OK to leave the duplicates in the list?

Zitat von Gast im Beitrag RE: The Finnish dictionary and our suomi.dic
Personally I like to play Scrabble with inflected word forms allowed, it is a better game, and better for imagination and creativity. Also works excellently handicapping the computer in human-computer games!

I agree. For instance in French, Italian, Spanish and German games, inflected forms are played, and this is what makes the game much more interesting.

As Finnish is an agglutinative language, the question about which inflected forms should be implemented in the word list, is very difficult.

In 2011 we already have had a discussion (in German) about agglutination in Hungarian language and inflected forms in magyar.dic (see Agglutination und Zulässigkeit von Wortformen im Hinblick aufs magyar.dic ), but we did not really find a solution, and we could not get any good electronic list of the Hungarian dictionary either. That's why we don't have a magyar.dic for Scrabble3D yet. The discussion stopped and unfortunately the Hungarian speaking forum members are not active any more.

I think, the question about which agglutinated Finnish forms shoud be implemented in suomi.dic and which not, is a very interesting, but also rather difficult linguistic topic.

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03.12.2012 18:37
#2 RE: Agglutination and validity of inflected and agglutinated forms in suomi.dic Zitat · Antworten

It's next to impossible to include the inflected words in the word list, but they can still be played by human vs human and human vs computer games, even now. Taking in the dictionary just some inflected forms is not logical.

There is/are software which check if a given word is an inflected word form of a Finnish word, even online, but probably not too cheap to buy.

They also have German, English, Swedish, Kukkuniiaat and other languages

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