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Phil ( Gast )

11.07.2014 20:31
Find word : missing letter Zitat · Antworten

My question is about the Find word box (Ctrl+W) box. Yesterday I installed Scrabble3D (32 bits) on someone's laptop with Windows 7 X64. I was explaining how to check if a word is valid (Ctrl+W) but unfortunately, the first letter is "swallowed", I mean that when I type a word, it starts with the second letter. Of course, since the word is truncated, Scrabble3D says it is invalid.
I have tested on my multi boot desktop computer and could not reprodue this problem with 1) Windows Xp X64 and 2)Windows 7 X64. Only a laptop problem...

Scotty Offline


Beiträge: 3.777

13.07.2014 10:41
#2 RE: Find word : missing letter Zitat · Antworten

You can enter only those letter that are defined in the configuration. For instance, MÜSLI is a valid word in Swedish, but the umlaut Ü not usual. (Therefore it's part of the set with a frequency of zero). The word search does not accept 'unknown' letters, and shows a tooltip accordingly under the input control. Does this answer your question?

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