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  • Japanese/HiraganaDatum20.03.2014 17:03
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Japanese/Hiragana

    The screenshots are from demo game. There's no romaji, it's English. The dictionary didn't have romaji. It 's just to show that you can play with multiple character sets in one dictionary. If it is not good, you can play with separate katakana/hiragana/romaji dictionaries.

    There are probably lot of two-syllable words, but it is a property of the language. That's why romaji would work more like English scrabble. Still, it's better to use kana.

    I think katakana only version will not be played by native Japanese or someone fluent in Japanese because they probably don't want to use incorrect script for words. On the other hand, someone who wants to practise or learn Japanese doesn't want to learn read and write a word in a wrong script. Before making such dictionary, it might be a good idea to ask those people first.

    The up-to date edict files contains large number of entries both in hiragana and katakana.

  • There is still a mistake:
    "The currently active letterset does not match with the information stored in the dictionary. Updated now?"
    should be "...Update now?" in my opinion.

  • Japanese/HiraganaDatum17.03.2014 16:16
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Japanese/Hiragana

    Attached is a test dictionary made from the old EDICT file from the year 1998 containing hiragana-english, katakana-english and english-japanese dictionaries in one file. It's possible to change between hiragana-katakana-english by changing the letterset and selecting the right dictionary category.

    The letterset (more than 200 tiles) in hiragana which is slightly based on the frequences is included.
    The dictionary is not cleaned, the idea is just to show it works. The final dictionary (or separate dictionaries) should be made from up-to-date dictionary files.

    The English-language part doesn't seem to play too well. Large number of entries have spaces and there are lots of short words (2) or abbreviations. Instead or in addition to English Romaji could be added so any player could choose whichever Japanese script is best for him/her.

    In my opinion there is no need to use only one script. In this way all the words that a player plays, sees or learns are "correct" Japanese.

    Playing with hiragana (and English) is greatly improved with at least 9 tiles in the rack.

  • Thema von xyz im Forum General Questions Abou...

    #: ulanguage.rmain_lettersexchanged
    msgctxt "ulanguage.rmain_lettersexchanged"
    msgid "%d letter has been exchanged"
    msgid_plural "%d letters have been exchanged"
    msgstr[0] "%d kirjain vaihdettu"
    msgstr[1] "%d kirjainta vaihdettu"

    This will result in incorrect Finnish:
    0 kirjain vaihdettu ->should be 0 kirjainta
    1 kirjain vaihdettu ->OK
    2 kirjainta vaihdettu ->OK

    Finnish has only 1 as an exception, other integers: negative, zero, two and greater have the same inflection. How to do it right?
    It's probably easy to phrase all of these so there's no need for more than one translation. Perhaps it is the best way.

    I used Virtaal for translating.

    The same happened also here:

    #: ulanguage.rmain_calcresult
    msgctxt "ulanguage.rmain_calcresult"
    msgid "Only %d valid word found which score with"
    msgid_plural "Out of %d possible words found the best would score with"
    msgstr[0] "Löytyi vain %d sana, joka saisi "
    msgstr[1] "Mahdollisia sanoja on %d, joista paras saisi"

    ->message during game:
    Löytyi vain 291 sana, joka saisi 34 piste. ?????
    ->Should have been
    Löytyi vain 291 sanaa, joista paras saisi 34 pistettä.

    #: ulanguage.rmain_numberofpasses
    msgctxt "ulanguage.rmain_numberofpasses"
    msgid "Only %d pass left until game end"
    msgid_plural "%d passes until game end"
    msgstr[0] "Vain %d passaus vielä ja peli päättyy"
    msgstr[1] "%d passausta pelin päättymiseen"

    ->In the message window:
    Vain 7 passaus vielä ja peli päättyy
    ->Should have been
    Vain 7 passausta vielä ja peli päättyy

    This seems a lot of work to get one or two letters correctly where it even doesn't matter much. It worked in the old translation.

  • Japanese/HiraganaDatum07.03.2014 17:37
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Japanese/Hiragana

    If there is a Japanese Scrabble but with romaji and Japanese Scrabble Championships are played in English, there must be a good reason. There are millions of potential players/buyers. Kana words are too short for the board of a game designed for the English language.

    One easy solution to make an interesting game in hiragana/katakana: play in 3D, with small board, like 7 or 8 squares.

  • Japanese/HiraganaDatum07.03.2014 17:26
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Japanese/Hiragana

    Here is Jim Breen's reply:

    Let me explain briefly what my dictionary files contain. I am sure
    you can reformat the contents to make an index file of the type you seek.

    I'll illustrate this using a Japanese word for tooth cavities. The word is
    usually pronounced mushiba, and more rarely kushi or ushi. It's
    commonly written 虫歯, but is also written 齲歯 or 齲. (Yes, complicated
    but Japanese is like that.

    My main dictionary distribution format is the XML version (JMdict). In
    this format the entry is:
    <upd_detl>Entry created</upd_detl>
    <upd_detl>Entry amended</upd_detl>
    <upd_detl>Entry amended</upd_detl>
    <gloss>tooth decay</gloss>
    <gloss>decayed tooth</gloss>

    That's quite complex, but it can be parsed, etc.

    There are two simpler formats. One is the EDICT2 one:

    虫歯(P);齲歯;齲 [むしば(P);うし(齲歯);くし(齲歯)] /(n,adj-no) cavity/tooth
    decay/decayed tooth/caries/(P)/

    It has the hiragana in [...], in this case showing some restrictions.

    Then there is the old legacy EDICT format. This can only have one kanji form
    and one hiragana form per line, so it gets split up:

    虫歯 [むしば] /(n,adj-no) cavity/tooth decay/decayed tooth/caries/(P)/
    齲 [むしば] /(n,adj-no) cavity/tooth decay/decayed tooth/caries/
    齲歯 [うし] /(n,adj-no) cavity/tooth decay/decayed tooth/caries/
    齲歯 [くし] /(n,adj-no) cavity/tooth decay/decayed tooth/caries/
    齲歯 [むしば] /(n,adj-no) cavity/tooth decay/decayed tooth/caries/

    The JMdict version is in UTF-8. The other two are in EUC-JP.
    You can convert them to UTF-8, e.g.
    iconv -f EUC-JP -t UTF-8 EDICT2 > EDICT2_UTF8 (on a Unix/Linux system).

    All of these can be downloaded from Get the files
    JMdict_e.gz, edict2.gz and edict.gz

    I hope this helps.

  • Japanese/HiraganaDatum06.03.2014 17:47
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Japanese/Hiragana
  • Math scrabble implementedDatum06.03.2014 15:29
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Math scrabble implemented

    Unlike the other scrabble languages, the number of "words" or equations is unlimited. You can add to any equation. So allowing only equations in the dictionary is not flexible, especially because in math there is no doubt if the equation is ok or not. I haven't played online but I thought you can decide if a word is ok without the dictionary.

    I think any operators could be added to letterset and dictionary categorized by operators or difficulty level or perhaps both. It would be interesting to have decimal numbers. The idea is that you can always select any subset of the letterset and dictionary categories.

    Could it be done automatically: change the letterset math symbol amount to zero if the corresponding category is not checked? Perhaps this is unnecessary.

  • Finnish Braille implementedDatum05.03.2014 12:36
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Finnish Braille implemented

    I made this as a learning tool for people with sight who have a reason to learn Braille. They might be friends, family, someone in the process of losing the eyesight etc.

  • Some more suggestions of improvement for the original english language file:


    #: cbBoardTransparent.Hint
    msgctxt "cbBoardTransparent.Hint"
    msgid "Toogle transparency of squares on or off"
    msgstr ""



    #: ulanguage.rmain_updateletterset
    msgctxt "ulanguage.rmain_updateletterset"
    msgid "Current letter set does not match. Updated from dictionary info?"
    msgstr ""



    #: ulanguage.rmain_lostbytime
    msgctxt "ulanguage.rmain_lostbytime"
    msgid "Final time out for %s. Result has been zeroed"
    msgstr ""

    time out: A pause from doing something (as work)
    time-out: A brief suspension of play

    I think better is "%s lost on time. Result has been zeroed"


    #: rbWCMChallenge.Hint
    msgctxt "rbWCMChallenge.Hint"
    msgid "Check move only on explicit challenge (tournament modus)"
    msgstr ""

    Just for my translation, modus seems to be a word used in law. Is "tournament mode" meant here, or what is the difference with mode and modus? Modus is used also elsewhere.


    #: ulanguage.rmain_wordinvalid
    msgctxt "ulanguage.rmain_wordinvalid"
    msgid ""
    "Challenged move consists of invalid words. A bonus of %d point was added to "
    "%s's result"
    msgid_plural ""
    "Challenged move consists of invalid words. A bonus of %d points was added to"
    " %s's result"

    If I have understood the rules correctly, challenge succeeds even if there is only one invalid word among the words palyed. If it is so, then I suggest the correction:

    consists of -> contains
    "Consists of" means all words are invalid.
    "Contains" means some of the words are invalid.

  • [done] Translation, English, FinnishDatum05.03.2014 12:14
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema [done] Translation, English, Finnish

    I didn't put my question clearly, sorry.

    - rMain_CalcResult='Only %d valid word found which score with|Out of %d possible words found the best would score with';//+' '+rMain_Points;
    Is with a needed word?

    ->I mean:
    "the best would score with x points"
    should be
    "the best would score x points"

    "To score with" means to please someone.

  • Math scrabble implementedDatum05.03.2014 12:06
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Math scrabble implemented

    My database doesn't yet have fractions and decimal numbers, but they are easily added as is any other math symbol. I used math symbols from Unicode.

    As in other languages, you don't need the demo games to play smoothly if human games can do it. in Human games any lenght of equation is possible.

  • Japanese/HiraganaDatum05.03.2014 11:58
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Japanese/Hiragana

    Hiragana should be used, even though it's doubtful if Japanese adults would play even it. Katakana is used only for foreign loan words and for emphasis. Kids learn Japanese with hiragana.

    If it is possible to use the EDICT file and have/make a Hiragana->Kanji->English index for it, Kanji and English could then be shown in the tooltip for the word. That would be great even for learning Japanese!

    The free use of EDICT seems clear to me from
    "EDICT can be freely used provided satisfactory acknowledgement is made in any software product, server, etc. that uses it."

    I sent email to Jim Breen about the possible use.

    There is a physical Scrabble in Japanese, it's in romaji. I'll try to find the photo.

  • Math scrabble implementedDatum05.03.2014 11:16
    Foren-Beitrag von xyz im Thema Math scrabble implemented

    Thanks. I have made a categorised dictionary and a larger letterset for math. Shall I upload them?

    I have made special boards for larger sizes but it seems difficult to save and keep them for a long time.

    Using more tiles makes the game better for math (human/computer). In human games there is no limit for the lenght of equations.

  • My mistake, I'm using touchpad. The hint is correct for mouse, I guess.

  • questions about the english originalDatum03.03.2014 18:29
    Thema von xyz im Forum General Questions Abou...

    #: tbBestMove.Hint
    After game end\nthe calculation is done post-hoc for the selected move."

    -what calculation?

    #: tbPause.Hint
    \nall mates have to confirm.

    -is mate=player?

    #: tbBackward.Hint
    msgctxt "tbBackward.Hint"
    msgid "Last position (axis and dimension)"

    #: tbForward.Hint
    msgctxt "tbForward.Hint"
    msgid "Next position (axis and dimension)"

    -isn't axis=dimension? If so, this should be (axis and position) or (dimension and position)

    #: tbCubeReset.Hint
    msgctxt "tbCubeReset.Hint"
    msgid "Restore original position and rotation"
    msgstr "Reset position\nRestores the original position and rotation."

    -is position the position of (the origin of) the cube on the panel? Or the position of active plane?

  • Finnish Braille implementedDatum03.03.2014 18:04
    Thema von xyz im Forum More languages

    Braille is not a new language, but I guess this is a good place to show it. It worked already in the old version.

    Attached are some screenshots of demo play in the new version.

    There aren't probably many in this forum who would be interested in learning Finnish Braille, but in Finland there could be thousands.

    Finnish localisation is not finished in the screenshots.

  • Math scrabble implementedDatum03.03.2014 17:57
    Thema von xyz im Forum More languages

    I have implemented math as a language in Scrabble3D. It worked already in the old version. Attached are some screenshots of demo play in the latest version.

    Math scrabble could be a fun tool for math learners, but it can be played by anyone with more complex operators in the operator set (letter set).

    This implementation works with changes only in the dictionary and the letterset,as any other scrabble3D language does. Dictionary is handmade almost
    from scratch, but it is not even needed for human games. It's small but can easily be expanded.

  • Question about PO msgidDatum03.03.2014 17:25
    Thema von xyz im Forum General Questions Abou...

    What is msgid for? It is not shown in Virtaal, it is left as it is. Can it be automatically produced after human translation, eg, just copy msgstr or part of it to it?

  • Thema von xyz im Forum General Questions Abou...

    #: pn3DHeader.Hint
    msgctxt "pn3DHeader.Hint"
    msgid ""
    "3D view of scrabble board; use mouse buttons in combination with ctrl and "
    "alt for functions"
    msgstr "3D-view\nUse this view for orientation and selection of active plane that will be used to place tiles.\nRotation: move with left mouse button down\n

    Translation: ctrl+left mouse button down
    **** should be -> ctrl + move

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